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In this book, Danielle Bean and Elizabeth Foss have rolled together the elements of encouragement we all need. This book is a shot in the arm, a moment of grace, a reminder to fight the good fight and do our best and love wholeheartedly those God has placed in our path. It also includes beautiful quotes from saints who have gone before us, which is just another reason why every woman strivng for perfection in Christ will want a copy of this book.

— Rachel Balducci

This book feeds soul starved mothers exactly what they need: small, daily meals that serve a rich, spiritual feast — Christ nourishment that offers practical ways to become like Christ in our domestic churches.

— Ann Voskamp

Danielle Bean and Elizabeth Foss may be recommending “small steps” that can be incorporated into our busy daily lives, but these two beloved authors will help Catholic moms make great strides in supporting their families along life’s path to sainthood. By taking time each day to journey with Danielle and Elizabeth — to think, to pray, and to act — families will grow closer to God and to one another, while learning many fundamentals of our faith and having a great time together along the way!

— Lisa M. Hendey, Founder of and author of The Handbook for Catholic Moms

This wonderful book will be a treasure to mothers. It is filled with precious nuggets of wisdom, inspiration, and encouragement that will guide and direct each woman’s heart, daily to the throne of our precious Lord. Deep insight, drawn from saints through the ages, provides food for thought, truth to follow and direction to hold onto amidst each day’s demands. I will keep this invaluable resource close by for encouragement every day.

— Sally Clarkson, author of The Ministry of Motherhood and The Mom Walk.

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