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Before you begin to read this book, we want to be clear about one thing: There are no rules. This book is not an obligation. If you begin to use it daily and then wind up setting it aside for a while, you will not have failed.

We hope that Small Steps will be a tool for moms to use as it suits them. Some will prefer to follow this program “by the book” using just one page each day. Others will enjoy browsing through the entire book for inspiration or following the book diligently when they feel the need for discipline and casually when they don’t. Still others might choose a particular virtue to work on and focus on that month’s pages, regardless of what the calendar says.

Many mothers struggle with finding balance between accomplishing daily duties and maintaining an active spiritual life. During our busiest mothering years, some of us might foster frustration with our inability to establish sophisticated prayer lives while others of us might neglect our spiritual lives altogether. Neither of these is a healthy approach.

In this little volume, we offer daily prompts and suggestions — small steps — to encourage you and help you attain that elusive balance between an active life and a spiritual one. We share three items each day:

Each day’s entry features words from saints or Scripture. We hope that you will find in these small offerings what we did — wisdom that points you in the right direction and prompts you to further intimate conversations with Our Lord.

We also offer daily words of prayer. These personal prayers were composed in the quiet of our own homes before we heard little feet on the stairs to greet the day and after we kissed sleepy children goodnight. We kept our readers close to our hearts as we wrote and did our best to bring all mothers’ cares to God. We hope that these prayers will be just the beginning of your own fruitful prayer times.

Finally, every day, we’ve given you a little something to do — a chance to bring your thoughts and prayers to action. By considering just one virtue a month, we focus on specific ideals that incline our hearts towards God. We pray that these prompts toward action will bless you, your family, and your community.

It is our hope that this little book will help you take small steps in the right direction — toward real spiritual growth and the fulfillment of your vocation through everyday work. The process of gathering and sharing these thoughts with you has certainly blessed us.

Big changes happen with small steps. So let’s take a few … together.

— Elizabeth Foss & Danielle Bean

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